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The 3D Tray Bundle Small is a smoking accessory that allows you to easily conceal any leftover herbs after a smoking session, making it easy to take them with you on the go. The bundle includes a Roll N Go, which is a durable metal rolling tray with a colorful 3D design, and a matching magnetic lid.

The Roll N Go tray provides a smooth surface for rolling cigarettes or other smoking products and is designed to catch any spills or debris. The tray's compact size makes it easy to store and transport, and the matching magnetic lid ensures that your leftover herbs remain secure and discreet.

The 3D design on the tray adds a stylish touch to your smoking setup, while the magnetic lid provides added convenience and discretion. This bundle is ideal for smokers who want to keep their leftover herbs with them on the go, without having to worry about messy spills or attracting unwanted attention.

Overall, the 3D Tray Bundle Small is a stylish and functional accessory for smokers who want to keep their smoking setup organized and discreet. It combines both style and function, making it a great addition to any smoking collection.