Everything You Should to Know About the New Puffco

Posted by ABS Wholesale on 16th Feb 2024

Everything You Should to Know About the New Puffco

The new Upgraded Peak Pro introduces new features that make your sessions simple yet customizable, including a high-performing 3D Heating Chamber that heats on the sides. It does not heat on the bottom plate like on the Utillian 8, but it features an all-new software for precise real-time temperature control.

How it Works

As with any device, we recommend charging the Puffco Peak Pro fully before your first use. With the new Peak Pro, Puffco has updated its software for users to customize their experience further, making the operation versatile.

To get a session going:

1.  Load Your Wax into the 3D Heating Element

2.  Fill your Glass with water just above the air holes.

3.  Power on by holding down the main button?

4.  Set your heating temperature by clicking the button once to cycle through each heating setting indicated by the           LED color.

5.  Start the heating cycle by double-clicking the button

6.  Inhale through the top of the glass and use the Joystick attachment to move the concentrate through your chamber.


                                                                                                  New Peak Pro – Puffco                                                                                          

Vapor Quality?

The vapor quality of the New Puffco Peak Pro is very good and is only rivaled by the Carta 2, thanks to its 3D atomizer. The Peak Pro can handle more concentrate than the original Peak, as the bowl is about 40% larger. It's hard to say why Puffco considers this atomizer a fully 3D Heating chamber since only the walls heat up. However, the New Puffco Peak Pro performs amazingly, which is no surprise since Puffco is one of the pioneers of this space and is well-calibrated for optimal vapor.?

The original Peak had a distinct issue with large amounts of Wax and the chamber breaking prematurely, but the New Peak Pro has no trouble with the new Chamber. The addition of a new joystick cap allows for directional airflow, meaning the Vapor is more disturbed, resulting in fewer hot spots and an even distribution of heat.

The vapor at lower temperatures is nice, flavorful, and potent. In our testing, the max temp of the Puffco Peak Pro does get a little harsh, but the water filtration offsets this and results in some potent, relatively tasty vapor.

Temperature Flexibility?

It would seem to us that Puffco is really inclining users to use the app since the app controls outshine its out-of-the-box flexibility. The Peak Pro offers four built-in temperature settings that go like this:

  • BlueLow
  • GreenMedium
  • RedHigh
  • WhitePeak

These temperatures span a good range, but the Peak Pro app also allows you to customize each setting more precisely. The app is capable of showing you the real-time temperature of your heating element and provides a one-degree temperature control dial which you can save as different presets for your next session.


Battery Life?

The Peak Pro should last you about 40 sessions before needing a recharge. Puffco has addressed the main complaint with the original Peak, the micro USB charging.

The 2023 New Puffco Peak Pro has a USB C port that will recharge your device in 2 hours using fast charging technology. This E Rig is also compatible with wireless charging, a feature only obtainable by purchasing the charging base (sold separately). Just a reminder, similar to the Carta 2 wireless charger, you can also use any wireless charger for your smartphone.

Overall Experience

The Puffco Peak Pro is an excellent stride forward in the world of E Rigs. They have made changes to almost every aspect of the device, all for the better, and it is hard to deny that the Pro sits in the top tier of E Rigs. There’s a lot to like between the USB-c charging, versatile app, joystick cap, and high-performing 3D Heating chamber.

                                                                                                                       puffco pro

The rather large and obvious downside is the price tag of this piece of technology, as it quite steep when compared to other devices that provide similar experiences for much less. To Shop now contact us!