Exploring STIIIZY Products in the Alternative Hemp Market

Posted by ABS Wholesale on 5th Feb 2024

Exploring STIIIZY Products in the Alternative Hemp Market

Introducing STIIIZY

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey through the world of hemp? Look no further than STIIIZY, a pioneering brand that is revolutionizing the hemp market with its exceptional range of products. With a brief but impactful history in the cannabis industry, STIIIZY has now set its sights on the burgeoning alternative hemp market, bringing its expertise, innovation, and commitment to quality to a whole new audience.

Founded by a team of passionate cannabis enthusiasts, STIIIZY initially made waves in the cannabis industry with its cutting-edge vape pen technology and premium cannabis concentrates. With a dedication to crafting products of the highest caliber, STIIIZY quickly became renowned for its uncompromising quality and exceptional user experience. Building on this success, STIIIZY has now expanded its reach to the alternative hemp market, embracing the potential of alternative cannabinoids and exploring new frontiers in hemp consumption.

By leveraging their expertise and experience in the cannabis industry, STIIIZY has seamlessly transitioned into the world of alternative hemp, introducing a range of products that showcase the remarkable potential of alternative cannabinoids. With a focus on Delta-8, HHC, Delta-9 + CBD, and the groundbreaking X-Blend, STIIIZY is at the forefront of innovation in the hemp market. Their commitment to providing the highest quality products, backed by rigorous 3rd party lab testing, ensures that customers can trust in the purity, potency, and safety of every STIIIZY product.

STIIIZY's journey from the cannabis industry to the alternative hemp market is a testament to their visionary approach and unwavering passion for pushing boundaries. As they continue to explore the potential of alternative cannabinoids and pioneer new avenues in hemp consumption, STIIIZY invites you to join them on this exciting and transformative journey.

With STIIIZY, you can expect nothing less than excellence, innovation, and a truly exceptional hemp experience. Elevate your senses, redefine your expectations, and discover the remarkable world of alternative cannabinoids with STIIIZY. The future of hemp is here, and it's more exhilarating than ever before. 

With that being said, let's explore some of the alternative cannabinoids and blends that STIIIZY has to offer!


Experience the uplifting effects of Delta-8 with STIIIZY's remarkable lineup of vape pens, gummies, and pre-rolls. Known for its milder psychoactive properties compared to Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 offers a smoother and more balanced. experience


STIIIZY introduces HHC, a novel cannabinoid that offers a distinct and euphoric experience. With its unique properties, HHC delivers an exceptional and memorable journey into the world of hemp.

Delta-9 + CBD


STIIIZY combines the power of Delta-9 THC and CBD in their products, offering a synergistic blend that provides a well-rounded and harmonious effect. This combination allows users to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD while experiencing the characteristic effects of Delta-9 THC.


Get ready to transcend the boundaries of traditional hemp consumption with STIIIZY's X-Blend. This extraordinary combination of Delta-8, HHC, HHC-P, and THC-P delivers an elevated experience that pushes the limits of what is possible. With X-Blend, STIIIZY invites you to explore uncharted territories and redefine your hemp experience.

Now, let's delve deeper into STIIIZY's exceptional product offerings, each carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction:

STIIIZY Vape Pen Battery

STIIIZY's Vape Pen Battery is the ultimate companion for your vaping needs. Designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic, this rechargeable device boasts a substantial 210mAh battery capacity, providing long-lasting usage without the worry of running out of power. Its draw-activated operation and magnetic pod connection make it incredibly easy to use, while the zinc-alloy chassis ensures durability and reliability. With a voltage output ranging from 3.1V to 3.3V, you can customize your vaping experience to suit your preferences. Simply connect your preferred STIIIZY pod, and you're ready to immerse yourself in the world of alternative cannabinoids. Please note that pods are sold separately for the Vape Pen Battery. 

                                                                       STIIIZY PEN BATTERIES            


STIIIZY's vape pods are the epitome of convenience and quality. With a generous prefilled capacity of 1G (1000mg), these pods are constructed from durable and heat-resistant PCTG material. The ceramic coil heating element ensures consistent vapor production and exceptional flavor. Each pod is meticulously 3rd party lab tested, guaranteeing the absence of harmful additives and ensuring the purity of the concentrate derived from live resin. With options available in Delta-8, HHC, and X-Blend, you can explore the diverse world of alternative cannabinoids and find the perfect pod to suit your preferences.

                                                                      STIIIZY VAPE PODS


STIIIZY understands the allure of delicious and convenient edibles. That's why they offer a range of gummies infused with alternative cannabinoids, providing a delectable and discreet way to enjoy the benefits of hemp. Whether it's Delta-8, HHC, Delta-9 + CBD, or the unique X-Blend, these gummies are formulated with precision and care. With various strengths and servings available, you can easily find the perfect gummy to suit your needs and preferences. Each gummy is nano-infused for fast-acting and efficient absorption, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience. And with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC content, you can indulge with peace of mind. As with all their products, STIIIZY's gummies undergo rigorous 3rd party lab testing, ensuring purity, quality, and compliance with legal requirements.




Experience the future of hemp with STIIIZY and their exceptional range of alternative cannabinoid products. From vape pens and pre-rolls to gummies and blunts, STIIIZY caters to every hemp enthusiast's desires. Elevate your hemp experience today and discover the incredible world of alternative cannabinoids with STIIIZY. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled quality, innovation, and enjoyment that STIIIZY brings to the hemp market. Your journey starts here. To Know more, contact us at +1 8005303545 or info@caligoodsinc.com.