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King Palm Mini Berry Terps Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones 2pk


King Palm's handmade, all-natural leaf wraps are crafted with organic materials to give you the best pre-roll cone experience ever. These King Palm Mini Berry Terp pre-rolls come in a two-pack and feature King Palm's signature bamboo packing stick and a hydrating moisture packet to keep your cones smoking perfectly day after day.

  • 2 Berry Terp Mini pre-roll cones per pack
  • One Organic Bamboo Packing Stick per pack
  • Every pack contains a humidity pack to preserve freshness
  • King Palm Mini cones hold 1 gram each
  • Signature King Palm Filter Tip made from the finest corn husk
  • Squeeze the filter to release the berry terpene flavors!

All-Natural Berry Flavors
Squeeze the cornhusk filter tip to pop the terpene-filled flavor capsule and release all-natural berry terpenes in every puff you take. Fresh, sweet, and juicy - the taste of King Palm's Berry Terp pre-rolls don't come from artificial sources.

Palm Leaf Pre-Roll Cones
King Palm's Berry Terps Mini Rolls are hand-rolled with natural Cordia leaves. No part of King Palms cones contain tobacco, nicotine, glues or dyes. 

Ready to Enjoy, No Rolling Necessary
Rolling can be time-consuming and challenging. But with King Palms, all you have to do to begin your slow-burn sesh is simply pack your dry smoking herb in these pre-roll cones, pop the Berry Terps flavor capsule, and light the cherry!

Get the best out of your King Palm Berry Terps!
1. Use a Chunky Grind
2. Compress Firmly
3. Squeeze & Pop to Activate Terpene Infused Flavor

NO TOBACCO, NO NICOTINE! This does not mean safer.