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Newport Zero Whip Cream Chargers are the perfect choice for anyone looking to create delicious and fluffy whipped cream at home or in a professional setting. With their high-quality construction and pure nitrous oxide gas, you can trust that you're getting the best possible product. And with multiple pack sizes available, you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Order your Newport Zero Whip Cream Chargers today and start whipping up delicious treats!


  • The one and only original Newport Whip charger
  • Compatible with all standard whipped cream dispensers
  • Made from the highest grade, 100% recyclable steel
  • Filled with the purest quality, food-grade nitrous oxide gas
  • Each non-refillable charger contains up to 8 grams of nitrous oxide, sufficient to whip 1 pint (1/2 L) of liquid/cream
  • Available in sizes of 100 Chargers, 50 Chargers, and 25 Chargers
  • Works with any brand cream whipper in the market