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Vibes Cubano cones seem to be designed for those looking for a larger smoking experience without sacrificing flavor or structural integrity. The fact that these cones can hold over 8 grams of dried herb while still maintaining their shape is impressive and suggests that they are a high-quality option. Additionally, the lack of added calcium carbonate is a positive feature for those who prioritize natural and pure smoking experiences. The fact that Vibes Cubano cones are part of a collection from an influencer and rapper adds to their cool-factor and suggests that they might be particularly appealing to a younger demographic. Overall, if you are looking for a larger cone that is easy to fill and delivers potent flavor, Vibes Cubano cones might be worth trying out.

From influencer, Berner, this Cubano Cone by Vibes is crafted of 100% organic hemp fibers for a healthy roll your own experience. The massive size of Cubano cones is no joke, holding an impressive 8 grams of your favorite herb. Featuring a slow, smooth burn for a longer lasting sesh the Cubano will keep the party going all night long. Each Cubano cone features a built in filter tip to prevent unwanted ash from being sucked through.

Cubano cones are a great way to enjoy a roll your own experience with minimal work. Ready to go out of the box, all you need to do is pack your favorite herb tightly and light it up. Enjoy!

  • Largest Vibes Cones Available
  • 8+ Gram Capacity
  • Built in Vibes Filter
  • 100% Organic Hemp
  • No Added Calcium Carbonate
  • Natural Acacia Tree Gum